The Institute for Cognitive Sciences and Technologies (ISTC) is an interdisciplinary institute of the Italian National Research Council (CNR), featuring integration across research topics aimed at the analysis, representation, automated reasoning, simulation and interpretation of cognitive and social processes in humans and non-human animals, spanning the physiological, phenomenological, and computational worlds.

Max Plank Institute for Human Development

The Max Planck Institute for Human Development is dedicated to the study of human development and educational processes across the lifespan and historical time. Researchers from diverse disciplines—including psychology, sociology, history, computer and information science, medicine, mathematics, and economics—work together on interdisciplinary projects.

Human Dx EU

Human Dx EU is the European subsidiary of the Human Diagnosis Project (Human Dx), a worldwide effort, created with and led by the global medical community, to build an open intelligence system for global health. By combining the collective intelligence of doctors with machine learning, Human Dx intends to enable more accurate, affordable, and accessible care for all.

Nesta CCID

Nesta’s Centre for Collective Intelligence Design helps create new ways for communities to use technology to harness their insights, ideas and power to act on the problems that matter to them and create the futures they want. We design tools and projects that allow communities to respond collectively to challenges, and that help public and voluntary sector institutions strengthen trust and collaboration with citizens. We use rigorous research methods to test, learn and evaluate each solution. Our flagship Collective Intelligence Design Playbook helped to define the field and is used by practitioners around the world and we were one of the first to experiment with participatory methods to design AI systems. We have worked with organisations from the UN to the BBC. To learn more, visit or email the team at

Met Office

Right across the world, every single day, people make decisions based on the weather. Met Office provides weather and climate forecasts to help with those decisions so people can be safe, well and prosperous.